Jun 27, 2009

Paneer-Cheese Toast


Makes upto 4 sandwiches

Grated Paneer – 1cup
Grated cheese (mozzarella or Cheddar or anyother prefered cheese ) – 1cup
Green Capsicum finely chopped – 1/2 cup
Tomatoes deseeded and finely chopped – 1/2cup
Onions Finely chopped – ½ cup
Coriander/Cilantro Finely chopped – 2tbs
Green Chilies Finely chopped – 1tsp or according to taste
Crushed red pepper – ¼ tsp (optional)
Freshly ground pepper – 1/2 tsp
Milk or cream to mix the mixture together - 1tbsp or as required
Bread slices – 4 to 6
Salt to taste

This can be made like an open sandwich by applying the mixture on one bread slice and roasting it on low flame till the cheese melts.

Mix everything together except the bread. Roast the bread a little on the pan on both the sides. Now take a bread slice, apply the mixture on the top and cover it with another slice. Apply some butter or cooking spray on the pan and roast the sandwich on both the sides till the cheese melts. Serve hot with ketchup and lettuce :)

Spinach-Onion Paratha-


Prepares 4-5 parathas

Spinach finely chopped (Frozen n thawed or fresh)– 2 cups
Chopped onion- 1 cup
Wheat flour – 2 cups
Garam Masala/curry powder – 1tbsp
Finely chopped Garlic- 2 tbsp (optional)
Finely chopped Green Chilies – 1tbs or according to taste
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Asafetida- ¼ tsp
Red chili powder – ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for shallow frying parathas.

Note- In the recipe I have chopped onions coarsely to give the parathas a good crunch and taste of roasted onions. This makes parathas tough to roll and need a bit practice. Onions can be finally chopped depending upon the preference.

Combine everything except oil and prepare dough (one teaspoon of oil can be mixed in the dough to make it non-sticky). As spinach n onion oozes out water make sure to use very little water to make the dough. Divide the dough into small balls n roll parathas. Roast it well on both the sides by applying little oil. Serve it with lemon-Onion salad, curd n pickle.

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