Aug 22, 2007

Crispy Salad

Though there is no rocket science in making salad but I am still writing the recipe. The blow Ingredients are the one which I like. You can substitute them or add some other veges also in the salad(what a tip ;))

Serves 3-4

Romain/Iceberg Lettuce Leaves
Green and black olives
Red/Yellow/green Bell Pepper
Ready made Salad Dressing
Dry druits (almonds or sunflower seeds)
Cheese for garnishing

Though you can mix all the ingredients given above just like that but i prefer roasting my zucchini, bell peppers, squash and corn. You can roast them in oven but for me the easiest way is roasting them in a pan on high flame with less or no oil (preferably olive oil). I do one vege at a time. while they are roasting i put some salt and dried oregano (or any herbs you like) which gives it good taste and aroma. Allow to cool the veges naturally before using them. Now toss all the veges together. Add the dressing which are easily available in the market with good number of selection. Another thing which I do is I keep my veges after mixing (before mixing the dressing) in the fridge and whenever its time to serve mix the dressing, dry nuts and sprinkle some Feta/Parmesan cheese. Yummy salad is ready to attack!!!


rv said...

salad looking nice, try posting the pic before the recipe, its a nice way to catch atension.

Buggy said...

Thanks a lot for the suggestion RV.I will try to incorporate the suggestion.

rv said...

didnt know that veges can be roasted for using in salads, thats a nice idea. will try that way.

Vibha said...

superb receipe I must say.. u seem to b a professional cook..

Buggy said...

hehehe thanks a lot doll but dont u think it was over compliment ;)(i knw u love to 'motivate' as u used to do earlier)

monica said...

Salad looks good. I love to try out new salad recipes. I want to try out this, can you tell me what is squash.

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