Aug 16, 2007

Idli, Dosa & Uttapam

I think this is the simplest way of making Idli, dosa and uttapam. These are one of my favourite dishes. I want them at least once a week. But I hate all the work which is needed for making them. So here is something which my husband's taught me. It super quick idea of making fluffy Idlies,crispy Dosas and Uttapam.

Rice Flour- 2 1/4 cup
Udar Flor- 1 cup

Dry Yeast - 1 tsp (I use Star Active dry yeast)
Salt to taste



Mix Rice and Udad flour (which you will easily get in any Indian store),
add water as per the requirement(add little water at a time). Beat it till it forms a good paste. It requires loads of hardwork to mix the flour so I will recommend a hand blender for beating. The flour should be thick enough (thicker than the pouring consistancy). After that sprinkle the dry yeast
keep it covered overnight (around 8-10 hrs). In the morning its size
become almost double. so remember to take a big vessel. Before making Idlies or dosa add salt according to your taste. Mix it well. Grease the idli mould, add 1tbsp batter in each mould (it will become double the size) and steam the idlies for almost 6-7 mins. I use cooker without the whistle (My mother-in-law's trick). I use almost a cup and half of water (the lowest level of the idli stand should be above the water so you should adjust accordingly) Keep it on high flame for initial 2 min then on low flame for almost 3-4 min. You can open the cover of the cooker and see whether idlies are done or not (for that I poke a knife in the idli and if it's coming out easily and clean, its done). Allow the cooker to cool naturally and tadaaaa.... your idlies are ready to server. yummmmy!!! Serve it with hot sambhar and chutney.

I prefer the batter to be bit thinner as compared to idli batter. The trick is you should be able to make dosas smoothly. So adjust the water accordingly.

I use the same consistenncy batter which I use for the Dosa.
Add onion, tomato, coriander and green chillies in that and server it hot

Note- After using the batter, keep it in the fridge as Yeast keeps on fermenting in a high speed and this way it will ferment very slowly and batter will last for a longer time. If possible don't keep the batter for more than a day as it will start smelling coz of over fermentation.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see u too in the foodie blog section.

Buggy said...

Don't know what to reply for your comment.Still thanks a lot.

rv said...

you are welcome :)

rv said...

There is a comment moderation section in blogger which you can use to have comments to appear on your blog only after your approval. you might want to enable it if you prefer not to receive comments from people you chose.

Buggy said...

Thanks rv for the suggestion. I think I have also read abt it in the setting section.Actually I got ur same comment twice so deleted the first one.Again thanks for the suggestion.

Vaishali said...

Hey dear..I was gonna call you for ur Dosa recipe...glad to it find here!! I made it this weekend. It was nice and yummy and better than what I used to make earlier! We just loved it!!
Mooli paratha is my favourite...will try it sometime soon.

Thanks and Keep bloggin....I can get some delicious recipes here :)

Buggy said...

Wow thats a good news!!I think you are the first person to try one of my dishes.I am happy that you liked it. Try mooli parathas too, they r yummy and my favorite:) Thanks for the comment:)

Neha said...

Thanks much for the recipie.. I shal try this now.. i dont have blender.. and it never struck me that the respective flour cud be used instead.. Hope to find this in my Indian store.. Thanks again..

Sudha said...

glad that you liked it. It really cuts down the hard work :) n u will definitely get the flour in any Indian store. LEt me know how did u like it?

maithri said...

went thro ur blog for the first time..n its looks great! will try ur recipes n let u kno!!
i want to try the idlis, but wanted to kno a couple of things b4 that: 1. we get only roasted urid flour in our Indian stores here.will that work? 2. you said sprinkle the yeast- so no mixing is it?? just sprinkle on top?? Please reply..cant wait to try the idlis!!

Miss Bellevue :) said...

Thanks Maithri for comment :) I am not sure abt the roasted Udad flour since I have tried only the normal one. You can either sprinkle the yeast on top or mix it with some lukewarm water and then mix in the batter both work fine. Let me know f you have any more questions.

Roopa said...

Hi KK :) I just tried your method by mixing the respective flour, it didnt rise , (maybe because I didnt add enough yeast or maybe because of the temperature), should the batter be thick like the Besan batter which you use to make pakoda? or thinner than that?

KK said...

Hi Roopa thanks for trying the recipe and sad thatit didn't come up well. Sometimes it depends upon the yeast and temperature both. This recipe used to work for me pretty well in Texas but in Washington it takes more than 12 hrs for the batter to rise, that too I keep it in the oven with it's light on. I hope it helps n sorry for replying late.

manisha0_0 said...

hi, nice everything explained all in one.

i tried making moong dal idlis.

do check my blogspot.


meeso said...

I'm excited to find this as I don't have a grinder and It's too expensive to buy instant mixes :)

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